Welcome to the Strong Ape Club

The Strong Ape Club (SAC) is a private collection of 5,000 unique Strong Ape characters, with each Ape’s proof-of-ownership stored on the Ethereum network as an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Every Strong Ape’s identity is the combination of hand-drawn ape arts and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, which is why each Strong Ape is a rare, living, breathing, work of art, with its own unique history.

With over 200 hand-drawn traits, owning a Strong Ape comes with an automatic membership to a closed group of Strong Ape collectors, with great cash benefits, and exclusive utilities, reserved only for group members. The Strong Ape Club will be released on November 14, 2021.

Apes Together Strong

The jungle is thrown into complete chaos as different ape groups battle for territorial control. With the battle heating up, lone apes become casualties of war and uniting with stronger ape groups is the only way for weaker lone apes to survive. We, the members of the strong ape club, are uniting to save ourselves and bring order and peace to the war ridden jungle.


Launch Roadmap


Welcome to the Club!
To celebrate the Discord group at 25,000 members, there will be a raffle draw giveaway, of five Strong Apes, to five lucky Discord members. To achieve this milestone, we all need to work together as a cooperative ape civilization to make our Discord and Twitter community thrive.

Join the SAC Discord group today for announcements on the latest SAC development and giveaway packages, lined up for members of the Strong Ape community.


Pumping the Iron
We will deposit $50,000 into the SAC fund for ongoing project developments, marketing campaigns, and floor sweeps. The SAC merchandise will also be launched for sales during this phase.


The competition
The takeover begins here, in the clash for control and dominance. This is where your status in the SAC community will be decided by you alone, which is why you need every tool you can find to become an alpha ape. It is where you also get the opportunity to win the rarest Strong Apes of the 12 memorable apes, which automatically earn you for a $10,000 cash price. There are only two giveaway spots available for two alpha ape collectors, who already hold a strong ape, to become memorables. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a leader, join our Discord group today.


Holders collective strength
A fundamental theme at SAC is “uniting for strength”, which is why all holders of Strong Ape will get the privilege to join our exclusive SAC community. This group is beyond getting ripped for lifting weights, here members help lift each other up to the next level. Each Strong Ape also gets the opportunity to generate its own income when it participates in the ongoing ape wars.


Winning the battle
Nothing will stop us, to celebrate this milestone we will be raffling 10 Strong Apes including one Memorable Ape among all the Strong Ape holders and we will do daily giveaways for 30 days long with a total value of $100,000!


It’s time for a new chapter, Token staking!
Token staking starts here; this will create an opportunity for the Strong Ape Holders to get rewarded for their Strong Apes. Another $50,000 worth of funds will be deposited to the SAC fund, which is set for ongoing project improvements, marketing campaigns, and floor sweeps. This is also where the 12 memorable ape collectors get to receive their rewards.

Development Roadmap

Beyond the unique primate characterization, Strong Ape Club has several great reasons why any NFT collector will want to try it out. SAC presents very promising ROI opportunities planned into its operations, to benefit every Strong Ape collector and several other things typical to every successful NFT project out there.


Strong Ape Holders can stake Ape NFT’s and earn daily tokens. Collectors can either sell the tokens or use them to modify the Strong Ape owned. Every second-market transaction is entitled to a 10% royalty. 50% of the second-market royalties will be deposited to the SAC liquidity pool. The other 50% will be sent to the SAC fund which is dedicated to ongoing project improvements, marketing campaigns, and floor sweeps. One of the goals of the staking is to create a higher floor price.


Beside helping each other and sharing new investment opportunities, we let the community make the call on what direction to take, by holding polls, whenever there is a decision to be made. From Ethereum to Bitcoin, communal consensuship is a trait typical of every truly distributed system out there.


We will organize top class events in famous cities around the globe, specifically meant to strengthen our communities as they expand. We could be in your city soon, you never know


Strong Ape Holders will have a chance to claim a limited edition of custom-made Strong Ape NFT each month. These may be created by our team or in collaboration with a partner.


Going back to where it all began, the Memorable Apes are the 12 strong alpha apes leading the ape tribes of the jungle. Fighting their way to the top, these 12 strong apes helped train the 5,000 strong apes that now protect the tribe. These apes are the rarest class of collectibles in the tribe. Once the 12 Memorable Apes are sold out, each collector will be rewarded a $10,000 bonus!














Created by a team of digital natives, the Strong Ape Club team consists of very successful entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, artists, and marketing veterans. Our commitment as a team to this project is one that is beyond a successful token sale, but towards building a product that our community loves, enjoys and also benefits from.

@Strong Ape Captain


@Strong Ape Kongfu


@Strong Ape Whiz

The artist

@Strong Ape NoM4d

Blockchain Expert

@Strong Ape Hawk

Marketing Guru

@Strong Ape Cordial

Community Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

The Strong Apes NFTs are 5,000 randomly generated apes, out of the strong ape club, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum network, as an ERC 721 mint. The Strong Ape NFTs are characterized by insane strengths, featured in four types of rarity categories, resulting in multiple interesting trait combinations and lesser chances of minting the rarest class of the Strong Ape NFTs of the 12 Memorable Alpha apes.

You can mint a Strong Ape NFT on November 15, which is the launch date for the strong Ape NFT. Minting is best done on metamask, however, more information will be provided on the release date.

Owning a strong Ape NFT comes with full copyright claims and user sovereignty over the public key it is tied to. What this means is that any Strong Ape holder has the absolute right to use it as they see fit; from profile pictures to the choice of auctioning it out for sale. A holder can also stake them and earn passively on them.

The second-market royalties is 10% which is used to finance common projects, marketing campaigns, floor sweeps, community building events, and other projects that will strengthen the longevity of The Strong Ape Club. It also serves as a great incentive to holders.

Yes, there will be a one day presale before the public launch. The presale will be for whitelisted members. Please, join the Strong Ape Discord community to learn more about joining the whitelist. There is only a limited amount of whitelist spots.

Apes Together Strong

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