Vitamins + Fruits = VITAFRUITS

Strong Apes need healthy nutrition. Not only for themselves but also for their owners. Therefore, every Strong Ape will be going through the rainforest daily in search of food. They are not allowed to return home without less than 10 VitaFruits ($VITA) a day for their owners. VitaFruits ($VITA) is the utility token that fuels the Strong Ape ecosystem. It has NO economic value and is NOT an investment!

Each Strong Ape is generating 10 $VITA tokens per day for a period of fifteen years. You can use them to modify your Strong Ape, or use your VitaFruits for breeding your Strong Ape soon!⁣ ⁣⁣

Grinding +10
Your Strong Ape grinds daily for you, he will do whatever it takes to daily collect 10 VitaFruits for you! Since the Strong Apes work all over the planet, you will never collect more than 10 VitaFruits individually by each Strong Ape every day. So be aware of the scarcity, collect and spend your VitaFruits wisely!

Change your name -25
What is the most important word in every language? Exactly, your name! Everyone needs a beautiful name, also your Strong Ape! By using 25 VitaFruits you will be able to make your first step in customizing your Strong Ape. You are free to send in every name you want, but the team will have to approve your name change due to legal restrictions.

Change your description -100
How would you like to describe your Strong Ape? Every Strong Ape has his story to tell... why not share this with your fellow primates. This is not only fun but also increases the storyline of each individual Strong Ape NFT.

Breed -600
Babies are the future! The future of the Strong Apes is in your hands. If you own 2 Strong Apes you will be able to generate Baby Strong Apes, which the owners will then be able to hold, trade or sell.

Will be available soon!

Custom Strong Ape -20,000
Create your own personalized CUSTOM NFT! This means that you can be creative without restrictions and choose every item of a Strong Ape yourself. For example, you want him to look a bit like you, or you want him to wear a specific shirt, hat or glasses, or a specific kind of eyes or mouth. This is all 100% up to you!

Since it cost a lot of energy and modification to customize your Strong Ape you need to use it on a NAKED STRONG APE (Click here to see all naked strong apes) and he needs 20,000 $VITA to complete his full make-over!

There are only 8 custom NFT’s available for now. [0/8]

See below the example of the CUSTOM NFT winner. The winner had delivered the mood board with a description on the left hand and at the right hand you see the result.

Upgrade your Strong Ape
In the near future you will be able to upgrade your strong ape by adding uniuqe items to your Strong Ape!

We will reveal more information soon!